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Online Officials Courses

Now is the perfect time for our Timekeepers from across the District to undergo the online section of the British Swimming Judge 1 Training & for our current Officials to complete the Contemporary Issues Module.

Judge 1

This is the first level of British qualification. It encompasses the role and duties of a Timekeeper, Chief Timekeeper and Inspector of Turns.

The minimum age to start training is 15 years. Candidates will be required to undertake an online instruction and assessment module, and gain practical experience working on the poolside with a mentor. A course workbook is provided for completion.

There is no final assessment or examination. Upon qualification candidates will be attributed with the qualification Judge Level 1 on the British Swimming Database and will be enrolled as a Licensed Official.

Whilst the content of the training remains largely unchanged, the move to an online format is designed to allow volunteers to start the training at their own pace and to fit with all the other lifestyle commitments which we know our volunteers have. Once their theory training is complete and registered, candidates will be provided with local contacts to guide them through their practical assessments. Training resources have been updated, and clear guidance is now included on suggested timescales for completing each competence, with a time limit of 11 months being introduced.

Upon completion of all Judge 1 training individuals will automatically be issued with their first licence, which will be valid for 4 years, which then enable them to apply to volunteer at all events up to and including National level.

The course can be accessed at

The District will provide financial assistance to everyone undertaking the Judge 1 Qualification & will contribute 50% towards the course cost, this can be claimed on becoming a fully Qualified Judge 1.

Contemporary Issues

This online module is aimed at technical officials from across swimming, water polo, synchronised swimming, diving and open water who would like to become a British Swimming licensed official, or who would like to renew their license.

Completing this online module is a condition of licensing and covers:

  • Understanding the need to abide by the British Swimming/Swim England Code of Ethics.

  • Identifying procedures for safeguarding children.

  • Understanding the meaning and embracing equality and diversity.

  • Health and safety considerations.

  • Officiating pathways within each discipline.

This online CPD is for qualified technical officials and will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete.

You can start this online course as soon as you are booked on and it can be accessed multiple times before completion.

The course can be accessed at


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