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Club Development in SASA Midland District

In conjunction with Scottish Swimming and the Regional Swimming Development Manager network, Midland District actively encourages Clubs to access current Club Development resources and engage with planning workshops and the Aquamark accreditation pathway.

Find out more about Club Development & Aquamark Accreditation
Contact: Jordan Young
Regional Swimming Development Manager (Grampian & Tayside)


Scottish Swimming aims to have clubs which are strong, sustainable, and inclusive to help grow our sport.

The aims of the Aquamark accreditation are to provide a nationally recognised standard that will enable clubs to: 

  • Be inclusive, adhere to equality standards and engage with the local community.

  • Develop safe, effective, well governed, welcoming, and friendly environments, based on good practice.

  • Improve the club experience for all members by having an agreed vision and culture. 

  • Strive to be a long-term sustainable club focused on developing pathways for all.


Aquamark is designed to be achievable for any club size or level. The accreditation structure allows clubs to tailor Aquamark to fit with their clubs aims and objectives while still ensuring they are always developing the best environment for their members.

More information can be found on the Scottish Swimming website


SASA Midland District will make available the following funding opportunities to SASA Midland District affiliated Clubs & members. No additional funding for clubs and members shall be made available out with the policy below.

SASA Midland District Funding Policy

Coaching & Teaching Grants (Application Form)

NPLQ Grant (Application Form)

Technical Officials Training - Please See Funding Policy Document

STO1 - STO2 - STO3 - STO5 - Referee Application - Licence Renewal

Club Grants (Application Form)

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