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Media Liaison Officer

SASA Midland District are looking for a Media Liaison Officer.

Do you have a volunteer in you club or a young person looking to gain a career in media and marketing? This is the perfect role for them.

The media liaison officer will be in charge of managing the Midland District social media platforms, the district website and reporting to the local press on the activities of the district. The media liaison office will also attend all Midland District events to provide live updates via the website and social media accounts.


· To be point of contact for all issues in dealing with the media and publicity for the district.

· Build a list of media contacts

· To collate and send to the media all relevant information in regards to aquatics competitions

· To provide periodic written reports to the district executive

· To promote the district within the local community and surrounding area with help from the committee

· To provide all forms of press releases for all forms of the media the district may deal with

· To attend and contribute to appropriate district meetings and events

· To record and keep all articles, interviews and recordings that makes reference to the district within the media


· Good organisation and communication skills

· Enthusiastic

· Confident and imaginative

· Team player

. Knowledge of social media platforms


· To have experience writing articles for newsletters or press

· To liaise with district Secretary regarding successes and data protection

· To ensure accurate records are kept

· To report to district executive on activities

· Be a member of Scottish Swimming

· Attend appropriate training


· Support of the district executive

· Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop (renewable every 3 years)

. Web design training for district website


Time commitment can vary depending on the activities of the district. The media liaison officer will be expected to attend all SASA Midland District Events and meetings.

if you or a member of your club would be interested in this role please get in touch with a member of the district executive


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