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Midland District Executive Statement

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Dear members of SASA Midland District,

Following on from the AGM in June 2021 the Vice Presidents post was left vacant along with the Minute Secretary post. The Minute Secretary post has now been filled by Kelly Pirrie from Montrose Seals, and we extend our thanks to her.

At the AGM in June 2022, I will be stepping down as President as my 2-year term will be complete. Without a Vice President there will be no one with the required experience of the day to day running of the district to take on the role of President.

SASA Midland District strives to support our members across all the Aquatic Disciplines, however this is becoming increasingly difficult with the Vice President post being Vacant. The District is looking for a committed individual within the Aquatics community to come forward at the next Delegates Meeting (Monday 20th September) to take on the role and from June 2022 take on the role of President for 2 years term thereafter. It is important that the Vice President post is filled by 20th September to ensure that the individual has the opportunity to understand the role before taking on the President’s position in June.

As things stand it is posing difficult for the Executive to form a quorum to enable necessary operational decisions. Considering this the executive have agreed that should the post not be filled by the end of the Delegates meeting on 20th September all District activities & support shall stop with immediate effect. This will include but not limited to:

· Coaching & Teaching Grants

· Judge 1 Course Grants

· Approval of District Records

· All District Competitions

· All District Camps

· Suspension of all District Committees

This will continue until we have someone come forward to take on the role. If by June the role is still vacant and there is no one suitable to take on the role of President and Vice President at the AGM, the current District Executive will need to consider the future of the district and may look to dissolve the district at the closing of the AGM. This will no doubt have a knock-on effect for our members. This is something that I would personally like to avoid, however the situation we are facing going forward is not sustainable. To ensure that we can continue as a District and keep supporting our members at a local level we need volunteers to step forward.

If you would like to discuss taking on either role, please get in touch with me directly at or 07812087044

Your Sincerely

Jordan Young


SASA Midland District


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