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Coronavirus Update

To all District Clubs

In light of the advice received from Scottish Government today Midland District Executive have decided that all Midland District events will be cancelled for the months of March and April  (a review of possibly extending this period into May will be undertaken in 2 weeks time). The cancellation of events will include League galas and the First Division meet this weekend in Brechin.

Whether we will be able to reschedule these events will depend on when it is felt that public events can return to normal, and what space there is in the calendar at that time.

With regards to league pool bookings, it has been agreed that if clubs are unable to get their pool booking fees refunded the District will cover the costs for the pool booking.

The Delegates meeting and Consultation meeting scheduled for Monday 20th April will also be cancelled.  We have yet to talk to Scottish Swimming as to the implications of this on the consultation process in regard to the Corporate Plan, however we will keep you advised as to how this will be accomplished within the time period required.

We understand that there are Open Club Events in this period and it will be for those clubs to consider their position.

We are sure further guidance will be forthcoming from Scottish Swimming and Central Government in the coming days and will try to keep you updated.

Keep safe and we hope to see you all back in the pool soon.


SASA Midland District Executive


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